We are working in sectors of Education, Skill Development, Livelihood, Health and Sanitation, Natural Resource Management, and Renewable Energy.

Water & Sanitation

AEWF has joined hands to meet the ambitious targets of the Indian government’s Swachh Bharat Mission which plans to eliminate open defecation by 2019. Based on the results of need assessment, toilets are constructed in schools having none or inadequate toilet facility to ensure better hygiene and sanitation. Defunct and unused school toilets are repaired and put to good use, thereby saving resources.

Health & Hygiene

Through its various programmes, AEWF undertakes to improve the health of all sections of the communities, with a special focus on women and children. Various preventive and promotive healthcare interventions are taken up in both rural and urban areas to improve personal hygiene and health. Awareness and support are provided for vaccination, immunization, health check up and diagnostic camps, adolescent health, dental health, etc.

Rural Development

The main objective of rural development has been to remove the poverty of the people and fill the widened gap between the rich and the poor. This has been also vocalized in the policy of the government, which says, ‘Rural poverty alleviation has been the primary concern in the economic planning and development process of the country’. Rural development programmes and government schemes for rural development address the overall improvement in the quality of life in the rural areas across India.

Skill Development & Livelihood

AEWF runs various skill development programmes in India to impart employable skills to underprivileged rural and urban youth in various states under the schemes of the Government of India and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Skills development can reduce unemployment, raise incomes, and improve standards of living. AROH has so far trained more than 10,000 youth and women in various trades and engaged them in gainful employment.


Better Schools, Better Learning We believe that education is the most powerful driver of development and is one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and economic stability. AEWF supports a three-pronged action to ensure quality education for all: • Improve learning outcomes • Improve school infrastructure for a better learning experience • Align actors, such as teachers, SMCs, communities, to make the system work for learning.

Women Empowerment

Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to promote gender equality, quality of life for entire families and communities and economic development achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability. AEWF works with a special focus on women’s empowerment and provides skills development and employment linkages to thousands of women across the nation.

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One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.

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